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Creating an Integrated Digital Learning Environment

‘Be where the learner is at’ is a mantra for every educator, and we all recognize that youth are growing up in a digital age. Our youth today live within the spaces of social media, digital resources and integrated learning. The world is at their fingertips, and JA can be a catalyst to help them prepare for the future by using a digital learning environment.

The learning environment for students today is changing at a rapid pace with the integration of digital learning platforms, access to the Internet in classrooms and tech-savvy students who expect curriculums to adapt to their current and future learning styles.

Educators and schools across Canada – and around the globe – are changing the way they educate and engage students in the learning process. Our partner schools and teachers are telling us we need to adapt and innovate our program curriculum to continue to motivate and engage students.

Growing Student Participation

Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

We believe every student deserves a JA education, whether in financial literacy, workplace readiness or entrepreneurial training. With over five million students enrolled in public schools across our country, we are rising to the challenge of reaching one million students per year by 2020.

Student Scholarship and Endowments
JA Canada has partnered with corporations and individuals to present many of Canada’s brightest students with scholarships. Our goals are to expand our annual scholarship investment portfolio, establish post-secondary financial aid for students in need and build a new endowment investment portfolio for sustainable award programs.

Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Development
Volunteers are at the heart of JA’s success across Canada. Transforming the student curriculum to leading-edge digital platforms will require our current 14,500+ volunteers to receive effective training and ongoing support. To keep step with the strategic growth of the number of students we plan to serve in the coming years, we have developed a parallel plan for volunteer recruitment, skill development and retention.


Building Charters of Excellence and Innovation

Our local Charter offices are working hard to serve students across their communities and engage more volunteers, educators and families. Program delivery for our youth is critical to achieving JA’s mission. As we increase our capacity to deliver programs to a wider audience, maintaining vibrant Charter offices will be paramount to our global success.