Take a Closer Look

The impact of JA in Canada

To measure the value of the programs delivered by JA across Canada, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)  completed a year-long study to assess the impact of JA Canada’s mission:

To inspire and prepare youth to succeed in a global econonmy by making better financial decisions, starting companies, developing a career plan and expressing their innovative spirit.

Results from the study prove JA programs make a substantial impact on Canada’s economy. Not only are they critical toward the development of a skilled and talented workforce, they motivate a new generation of responsible citizens as well.

Junior Achievers are more likely to stay in school, pursue a career in business, be prepared for work, open their own business, create jobs, and earn more. Across Canada, JA impacts the most students, delivers the most programs, and provides both quantity and quality outcomes.

It’s time to take a closer look at the impact of JA in Canada!


By helping youth stay in school, encouraging entrepreneurship, and teaching financial literacy skills, JA in Canada creates an annual return to society of $45 for every one dollar spent.  By delivering engaging and effective business education programs to young Canadians, JA fills the need for financial literacy education in schools.  Participation in a JA program provides a transformational event that alters ambitions and encourages Achievers to do more with their lives. Achievers are better prepared for the workforce, resulting in their getting ahead faster and providing better results for their employers. 
The annual impact on Canada’s economy, directly attributed to the work of JA, is $105 million. The programs delivered by JA in Canada reach nearly a quarter-million Canadian students in more than 400 communities each year, and are delivered free-of-charge. Over 65% of Achievers indicate that participation in JA programs had a significant impact on staying in school and enrolling in post-secondary education. Achievers earn 50% more, on average, than those who do not benefit from our programs.
Each year, $425 million can be attributed directly to the entrepreneurial activity of Achievers.  Achievers credit JA programs with being the driving force behind their financial literacy skills of budgeting, long-term planning, and investing. 70% of Achievers indicate that participation in a JA program had a significant impact on their desire to be an entrepreneur.  Achievers are 3x more likely to spend less than they earn and are far less likely to be unemployed or rely on social assistance. 
By providing youth with the skills necessary to become innovative, productive, and contributing citizens, JA ensures the competitive well-being of Canada’s economy. Over 75% of Achievers believe JA programs have a significant impact in developing their financial literacy skills, decision making skills, analytic capabilities, and business sense. Achievers save more, borrow less, and do better financially than the average Canadian. As a result, they are more self-reliant, put a lower burden on the social safety net, and they provide better for their own retirement. Achievers are 50% more likely to open their own business which leads to innovation, new jobs, and wealth creation.

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